Blairgowrie & Rattray Business Association

BARBA - Priorities

Our aim is to promote and support our members by encouraging and developing economic commercial activities in Blairgowrie and Rattray – and to represent the interests of local businesses related to Council matters. We love getting out and about meeting existing and prospective members.

Activities for 2020:

  • Familiarisation Visits (fam visit) - idea being is to get to know other businesses
    • 2020 - we will continue these successful visits
    • 6 Nov 19 - Independent Retailers
    • 30 Oct 19 - Independent Retailers
    • 26 Jun 19 - Accommodation Providers
    • 5 Jun 19 - Accommodation Providers
  • Christmas Shopping Event - held on Tuesday 3rd December - 28 businesses took part and well received, aim to build on this for 2020.
  • Fam Visit for Scottish Reporters - inviting reporters to come and 'experience' Blairgowrie with the aim that they report on how fab the town is
    • 9/10 Nov 19 - we hosted The Perthshire Magazine for the weekend - read article here.
  • Westpark Development - met with PKC and Developer to work with them to try to connect the 2 - on-going work
  • Workshops - we are introducing workshops focused on helping small businesses:
    • HR Workshop and business breakfast - 21st November 19
    • Plastic Free Business - 17th October 19
    • Defibrilator Demo - 19th September 19
  • Shop Front Improvements - working with PKC to access this recently announced grant - more details here
  • Town Centre Management - again working with PKC to access this to provide a more stable and organised service (ie paid support rather than rely on volunteers)
  • Local Loyalty Scheme - we are helping the HEAT Project roll this out
  • We've just started adding short video tours of businesses - WM Coupars example
  • Discover Blairgowrie - we will be completely redeveloping the website so it's even more community and business focused
  • Cateran Yomp 2020 - we will be attending the Cateran Yomp wash-up meeting to see how we can integrate more with them in 2020