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Cochrane Consultancy

Maggie Cochrane
07398 677 745

Counselling, Coaching and Wellbeing workshops. Individual and group solutions designed to overcome barriers to enjoying life.

Cochrane Consultancy

Mondays and Fridays in Blairgowrie area

E: enquiry@cochraneconsultancy.co.uk
W: www.cochraneconsultancy.co.uk

Maggie CochraneIndividuals and groups living in the Blairgowrie area have limited access to counselling or coaching services close to where they live. Since 2012 I have been practicing as a counsellor in Arbroath, Dundee and Perth. In this time I have known clients travel from Blairgowrie and district who also often wait several months to get an appointment.

I offer an opportunity to reduce waiting and travel times for potential clients. Enquiries normally come from those who are coping with challenging issues that can crop up for any of us at some stage in our life.

Working with a counsellor often transforms how you feel and how you cope with life. This works when you are ready to find a way through your difficult situation. I have had the privilege over a number of years of accompanying many - who have travelled from feeling the pain of being overwhelmed by the issues around them - to be revitalised for the challenges of life. Learning new ways of dealing with issues is where the services of a coach can enhance the quality of your life and relationships. Working with me will add value to what you are aiming for as I have extensive experience in people development, coaching and counselling.

Services are open to anyone over the age of 16 irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.

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